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Even if your friends and family are as obsessed with sustainability as we are, sometimes they have to purchase a little carbon offset. Please consider giving it as a gift.

Every now and then we have to purchase carbon offset. If we have to take a train journey or a flight, because taking the electric car wouldn’t be practical, we have to neutralise those emissions somehow.

Not all types of carbon offset you can purchase are equally valuable to the planet, and some ventures are downright questionable, as we nattered on about in Isn’t Carbon Offset Just Greenwashing? But there are plenty of certified, reputable sites where you can invest in verified tree-planting projects, and we currently recommend these.

Most of the other forms of removing CO2 and other greenhouse gases from the atmosphere are still in proof-of-concept or low-yield stages, so buying carbon offset from them is expensive. Which is why, even though we’re following those projects closely, the only carbon offset you can purchase directly though Mia Bazo at the moment is tree planting.

A lot of tree-planting projects charge around $10 US per metric tonne of CO2, (as do we). If you’re considering giving carbon offset as gifts this year, that price is great for families who agree to spend only a limited amount per person.

So (nudge, nudge), find that reputable offset supplier and give yourself a little halo this season.

J Laurence Sarno

J Laurence Sarno is co-founder and CMO of Mia Bazo, with more than 30 years in technology marketing. He led his first socially responsible company in the late 1970s and is passionate about ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

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