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Tax Compliance

Never be taxed for overstaying

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Visa Compliance

Always be sure of your welcome

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Climate Impact

Calculate, publish, offset and reduce your carbon footprint

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Travel Tracking

Know where your people are

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Travel Security

Safety check-ins, incident alerts and destination guides

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Document & Vaccination Vault

Securely store and access your documents online

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Expense Management

Capture expenses anytime, anywhere

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"Voyage Manager [now Mia Bazo] has been one of the most important tools we’ve ever had access to from a duty of care perspective. We can see in real time where our team are, where they are due to be next, and if there are any travel delays or cancellations which will change existing schedules.

We have all seen in recent years how volatile, and how quickly, things can change on the ground all over the world. The bespoke security alerts offer an extremely comprehensive, and most importantly trustworthy, source of intelligence and the country briefings allow us to plan and mitigate risk as much as possible in advance of any international travel."

Dominic Milne University of Aberdeen


Visa Compliance

Post-Brexit Brits and EU Second Homes

16 Nov 2021 J Laurence Sarno

You’re a UK citizen and accustomed to spending months at a time in your second home, somewhere in the Schengen area. You may not have spent as much time there during the pandemic, so the implications of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU may not have fully registered. But as travel restrictions have eased, thousands like you are discovering that visa rules have changed. ...