Climate Impact Calculate, publish, offset and reduce your carbon footprint

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Climate change is increasingly critical for businesses, customers, employees and citizens of the planet.

Already, many companies require suppliers to prove they are reducing their environmental impact.

Mia Bazo lets you accurately

  • Calculate the carbon footprint of your personal or company vehicles, properties, and any form of travel.
  • Make your carbon footprint public.
  • Offset your footprint.
  • And soon, reduce it.

With our online platform and mobile app, you can

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Calculate the carbon footprint of your vehicles, properties and travel: taxi, bus, rail, air, cruise and hotel accommodation. We combine all available sources of data to create the most accurate model possible.

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Publish your carbon footprint, on our site or yours. Not a screenshot, but an active table that changes as data come in.

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Purchase carbon offset directly through Mia Bazo, which is automatically reflected in your calculator, or purchase offset elsewhere and manually enter the information.

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I have been using Mia Bazo for close to a year and consider it one of the most important apps I have on my smartphone. The platform is intuitive and easy to use. Although I use it primarily for Tax, I am just starting to use their newest feature, Climate Impact.

As a senior executive in Telecommunications, I travel throughout Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and see first-hand the challenges facing our environment. Mia Bazo will be a crucial tool to help me track, understand, and reduce my own carbon footprint.

Thanks to John and the Mia Bazo team for a great app, and great support the few times I’ve needed a question answered.

Steven Toteda
Executive Vice President & Managing Director,
Aviat Networks, Inc.

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