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Tax Compliance

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  • Letting Staff Work from Anywhere? Beware Tax Implications

    14 Jul 2022John Scott

    Letting your staff work from anywhere can help you attract and retain the best people. But be sure you know how to keep your company from becoming tax liable in the countries where they’re working.

  • The Few, the Lucky, the Tax Liable

    25 May 2022John Scott

    Although we don’t think remote working from beautiful locations will become a mainstream work option, the number of digital nomads is growing quickly. We’re here to make sure they, or their companies, don’t become tax liable.

  • International Travel Tax: The Four Dreaded Words

    14 Dec 2021J Laurence Sarno

    If you’re an individual who travels frequently to the same countries, the two words you never want to hear are “tax resident”. If you’re a company that sends people to specific countries, for weeks or months at a time, the two dreaded words are “permanent establishment”. Carry on reading to learn how to avoid international taxes!


Visa Compliance

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  • Post-Brexit Brits and EU Second Homes

    16 Nov 2021J Laurence Sarno

    You’re a UK citizen and accustomed to spending months at a time in your second home, somewhere in the Schengen area. You may not have spent as much time there during the pandemic, so the implications of Britain’s withdrawal from the EU may not have fully registered. But as travel restrictions have eased, thousands like you are discovering that visa rules have changed.


Climate Impact

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  • Carbon Offset: Now and in the Future

    06 Jul 2022John Scott

    We’re looking at supporting and investing in a number of projects that remove greenhouse gases from the air. Read here about our favourites.

  • Why Not Give a Gift of Carbon Offset?

    20 Dec 2021J Laurence Sarno

    Even if your friends and family are as obsessed with sustainability as we are, sometimes they have to purchase a little carbon offset. Please consider giving it as a gift.

  • Doing Well by Doing Good

    29 Oct 2021J Laurence Sarno

    A recent article in Inc. magazine talked about how Google and other companies are rewarding employees financially for saving their companies money on business travel. Great; we’re all for incentive programmes. But there’s a fundamental problem with business travel: the carbon emissions it produces.


Travel Tracking

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Travel Security

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  • Risk Management is Also for Small Businesses

    23 Jun 2022J Laurence Sarno

    The Ukraine war has caused a demand among large organisations for risk management specialists. Now Mia Bazo makes travel risk management affordable and available for small and medium sized organisations.

  • Duty of Care is a Collaboration

    10 Jun 2022J Laurence Sarno

    Imposing travel policies on your people doesn’t make for a great working environment; let them choose their level of participation.

  • Our Top Covid Testing Company

    25 Nov 2021John Scott

    When we find a travel-related supplier we trust, we share our recommendations with you. We’ve found a Covid test provider we really like.


Document & Vaccination Vault

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  • Travel During a Pandemic: Port Story

    23 Nov 2021John Scott

    What should have been a happy day turned to upset and frustration, due to the bewildering amount of paperwork now needed to take a holiday. If only they’d had the Vault.


Mia Bazo News

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  • Business Travel is Back: How to do it Conscientiously

    05 May 2022J Laurence Sarno

    Business travel will equal pre-pandemic levels this year, and surpass them in 2024. Here’s how to do it safely, for your people and the environment.

  • Mia Bazo Does Not Support Facebook

    03 Dec 2021J Laurence Sarno

    On 24th November 2021, we announced we were jettisoning all Facebook platforms. We posted this on all our social media platforms, and on 7th December 2021, we will remove the Mia Bazo and Voyage Manager profiles from Facebook and Instagram. Will you join us?

  • Welcome to Mia Bazo!

    01 Oct 2021John Scott

    We launched Mia Bazo today. Whoop, whoop. Our mission is to relieve the complexities of life for frequent travellers (and the companies for whom they travel), while helping them manage their climate impact.