Tax ComplianceNever be taxed for overstaying

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Spend a lot of time in another country or US state?
You, or your company, could be taxed.

Eliminate personal and corporation liability with the Mia Bazo tax tracking tool.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, you need to comply with local laws regarding the days you’re permitted in any jurisdiction (country, state, city), to ensure you don’t unintentionally become a tax resident.

If you’re an SME, the same applies to the combined days in jurisdiction of all your staff. (In tax lingo, you want to avoid the appearance of a “permanent establishment”.)

The Mia Bazo travel tax compliance tool automates all of this. You never need worry about it again.

With our online tax tracking platform and mobile apps, we:

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Calculate your number of days in country or US state, or those of your company as a whole.

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Warn you and your company if you’re about to reach, or have reached, a tax liability threshold.

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Record this permanently, in case you’re audited.

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"I have been using Mia Bazo for close to a year and consider it one of the most important apps I have on my smartphone. The Mia Bazo platform is intuitive and easy to use, and the Tax Compliance feature allows me to track my days in a particular country. The best part is that it continually updates the countries and individual US States where I’ve been without my needing to enter them.

Although I use it primarily for Tax, it’s comforting to know the Travel Security feature provides me the latest alerts from the Mia Bazo team with respect to the countries I travel to.

Thanks to John and the Mia Bazo team for a great app, and great support the few times I’ve needed a question answered."

Steven Toteda
Executive Vice President & Managing Director,
Aviat Networks, Inc.

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