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Exercise duty of care for your employees;
give your family and friends peace of mind with our Travel Tracking Software.

If you’re a travel administrator, or responsible for corporate travel tracking, our platform can simplify your duty of care. We make sure you always know where they are, from the minute they leave home until their safe return.

If you’re an individual traveller, the Mia Bazo travel tracking tool can let your friends and family know where you are at all times.

With our online platform and travel tracking app, we:

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Show where you, or all your staff combined, are on the planet.

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Manage Itineraries

End-to-end travel tracking: taxi, bus, rail, air, cruise, car rental and accommodation.

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Combine Multiple Data Sets

The world’s most accurate tracking, based on traveller safety check-ins, itinerary, real-time flight status and geolocation data.

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"My son is a digital nomad – he works remotely from out-of-the-way locations five or six months of the year. If it weren’t for the “confirmation of arrival” emails landing in my inbox, I would never know where he is, or his time zone, if I needed to call him!"

Michael Scott
Executive Director,
New Wave Energy

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