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All countries limit your length of stay.

Whether or not you need a visa to enter a country, there will always be a number of days you’re permitted to stay there.

Visa regulations change all the time. For example, since the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union, UK citizens visiting the Schengen Area have already been denied entry, fined for overstaying, or expelled, because they overstayed their permitted days in all Schengen countries combined.

The Mia Bazo visa and immigration management system allow’s you to easily view the status of all your personal visas, your days in all the countries you’ve visited, and how many days you have left.

If you’re a travel administrator, Mia Bazo gives you a single view for all the travellers in your company.

With our visa tracking plvisa tracking plaform, we:

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Monitor your travel to keep you within your permitted days.

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Warn you when you’re approaching, or have exceeded, your limits.

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Record this permanently, to make visa applications or auditing simpler.

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"I travel so much for work, it makes sense to tack holidays to the beginning or end of business trips. Since Brexit, the days I’m permitted in the Schengen area are much more limited, and my marketing region is Europe! I use the Visa Compliance service to track the days I’ve spent in the Schengen area, and how many days I have left."

UK marketing executive
Major UK technology firm

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