Getting Started

What are Mia Bazo's smartphone apps?

For using Mia Bazo when you’re out and about, you can access the Mia Bazo smartphone apps for any of the services to which you’ve subscribed.

The Climate Impact service is currently available only on the Mia Bazo online portal.

The Mia Nucleus app allows you to access all other six Mia Bazo services. Depending on how you use Mia Bazo, you may instead want to download just the apps you need. These are

  • Mia Tax (Tax Compliance)
  • Mia Immigration (Visa and Immigration Compliance)
  • Mia Travel (Travel Tracking and Travel Security combined)
  • Mia Vault (Document and Vaccination Vault)
  • Mia Expense (Expense Management)

Let's all love the planet. The Climate Impact Tool is free.

Our subscriptions range from $4.99 to $14.99 per month*.

It's free to open an account.
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*How do we keep our prices so affordable? Here's how