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The Mia Bazo team

We launched Mia Bazo today. Whoop, whoop. Our mission is to relieve the complexities of life for frequent travellers (and the companies for whom they travel), while helping them manage their climate impact. We’re looking forward to your putting the platform through its paces.

Our team has been providing these services to large organisations since 2010 through Voyage Manager, Mia Bazo’s sister company. We hatched the idea of offering a complete suite of travel tracking services to individuals and small- to medium-size enterprises a number of years ago. It hadn’t been done before.

The first lockdown gave us an opportunity to build the Mia Bazo self-service platform. We’re so interested in how you’ll use it and which services, or combination of services, you’ll find most useful. Please be in touch any time.

If you’re simply here to track and offset the climate impact of your properties, vehicles and travel, you are most welcome! Our climate impact service is free.

When Voyage Manager began offering the climate service to large enterprises in 2012, very few customers were interested. As climate-obsessed digital nomads, we’re over the moon that interest is now high, and growing.

We believe that companies and individual citizens of the planet will have to reverse climate change. We can’t wait for governments. Mia Bazo’s technology and public awareness campaigns are our way of contributing in our own nerdy way.

To our mentors, advisors, market research subjects and beta testers: Thank you.

John Scott

John Scott is founder and CEO of Mia Bazo and our sister company Voyage Manager, with 24 years in software design and development. He is a digital nomad and committed environmentalist.

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